Puget Sound needs protection

The Puget Sound estuary is an essential part of the economic and ecological health of our region. Estuaries, where salt and fresh water mix, are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, and they filter water and protect coastlines from erosion and flooding. The Puget Sound watershed provides food and clean water to everyone living here. 

The Clean Water Act, the primary federal regulation that protects our nation’s waters, set a goal of stopping pollution discharge by 1984. But clean water laws have not been enough to protect public waters from contamination, and a growing population places increased pressure on our waterways. The Department of Ecology estimates that over 60,000 pounds of pollutants are released into Puget Sound every day.

Everyone has a role in restoring the Sound to health. But we must act boldly. At the moment, we are destroying our waterways faster than they can recover. By joining the community of people working to protect the Sound you can help stop this destruction and ensure that future generations will have clean water.