Communities for a Healthy Sound

"Puget Sound sustains our culture, our economy, and our health. But pollution, habitat loss and climate change are destroying the resources that Puget Sound communities rely on.

Immediate action is needed to reverse the damage and protect the health of Puget Sound residents and our environment for future generations."

We Are That Action. 



We will work in partnership with local communities, land stewards, landowners, and Puget Sound residents to build the grassroots force that puts forward plans for inclusive restoration, development, protection and climate change adaptation. 

We will play a leading role in the establishment of representative social networks that hold cities, agencies and officials accountable in their role as natural resource stewards.

We will help dismantle the system of oppression that has placed environmental, health and social burdens on underrepresented communities. 


To restore, preserve and protect the Puget Sound from pollution and habitat destruction by promoting passive development and climate change adaptation strategies that can protect our watershed, help close the poverty gap and tackle institutional and environmental racism. We fight for the conservation of the ecological integrity of the Puget Sound ecoregion and its ability to provide essential ecosystem services for all its inhabitants. 





Ready to be a Puget Sound Protector?